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It had been a long job, and a tedious one at that, but it was over now, which meant that it was time to celebrate. Arthur had just finished burning the last of the files when he arched a brow over at his fledge, "Hungry?" There was something sharper and more predatory about Arthur's face in the flicker of firelight. He had no doubt that the other man was, they hadn't actually had a proper meal since starting the job, too risky.
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A week ago, Eames had failed to check in after a routine job.

Three days later Arthur had received a message from some representatives of Cobol Engineering, they had the Forger, and they were willing to make a trade, after all, Eames wasn't the one they ultimately wanted, simply a means to an end. At the time, Arthur had disregarded the message, suspecting that it was either a convenient ploy, or that Eames would break himself out soon enough.

He did, however, set about tracking the origins of the message, just in case. Two days later, and still no word from Eames, and then, the day before, he'd gotten another message from Cobol, a much clearer threat this time, and even through the screaming, he still heard Eames' pained: "Don't listen to them, Arthur."

Several years ago, Arthur had made himself several promises about the nature of what he was, and what he would and wouldn't do. Eames' tone was all he needed to decide to break them all. Whatever they were doing to the Forger, whatever they had done, they were going to pay for it, an eye for an eye.
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It had been a long day, the meeting with the clients hadn't gone at all well, mostly because they were behind schedule, not badly, but enough that it would cause problems if they didn't get a new architect and soon.

Of course, it also didn't help that Arthur hadn't fed properly in a week, too busy trying to keep things on schedule and find an architect that wasn't already working on something else that had a higher pay grade.

He all but stalked through the door of their current residence, an upscale hotel suite, "Eames." It was a demand, really, closing the door behind him, only barely managing not to slam it. If the other man wasn't there, he was going to kill someone, that was all there was to it.


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